Startup Consulting

Startup consulting

BNSPRO provides quality consulting services to: 

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to transform their interesting ideas into fruitful businesses.
  • Already established SMEs that aim to expand their clientele and spectrum of services.
  • Innovative startups who seek guidance in whichever stage of their development.


Startup Consulting by BNSPRO


We offer market-oriented and innovation-focused solutions, catering for every step of your project. 

  • Giving form to your ideas: tailor-made consulting that helps you build a solid concept out of your original idea and then turn it into an innovative product/service.
  • Funding: access to and profit from a wide range of funding options for the development of your startup, such as venture capitals, angel investments, government grants, loans and crowdfunding, and compose a reliable and concrete business plan for the presentation of your project and its prospects.
  • Target market: market research and competitive analysis for the evaluation of your competitors and the establishment of what makes your product/service unique, in order to identify and attract your target market.
  • Promotion: contemporary marketing strategies for the promotion of your product/services, through custom Social Media and PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns.


Our team, which comprises experienced and highly knowledgeable developers, strategic and digital marketers, project managers and graphic designers, adopts a visionary and individual approach to each and every project, ensuring its top quality accomplishment.