Web Solutions

Web design and development

Web design and development by BNSPRO

Contemporary market needs make it essential for every company to acquire a digital profile and professional website. In BNSPRO, we know how to:

  • Collect and analyze all data and statistics concerning your company.
  • Expand your business activities on the internet.
  • Design your corporate identity.
  • Develop quality and reliable professional websites. 
  • Incorporate responsive design for optimal navigation and viewing.
  • Promote your business on the internet.

 A group of skilled and up-to-date developers, graphic designers and photographers cooperate perfectly in order to create modern and unique websites, incorporating current market trends, modern technology and their technical know-how.

All BNSPRO powered websites are based on our own, closed source CMS, thus providing the highest security possible for a dynamic website and allowing  for easy configuration, in contrast with the websites that use open source CMSs. BNSPRO CMS meets your company needs and eliminates any extra cost that could emerge from possible changes or configuration on your website. At the same time, an unlimited range of potentials is offered for the unique specification and profile of your company. 


E-shop design and development

eShop development - eCommerce services

Since 2011, in collaboration with CS.CART, we started using the best internet software for eshop (Shopping Cart software & eCommerce software solution) available. All custom eshops created by BNSPRO incorporate the three basic characteristics of e-commerce:

  • Functional product display and cost estimation.
  • Fast and easy order completion.
  • Safe money transaction.


Web hosting 

As part of a complete package of services, BNSPRO offers high-quality web hosting in safe installations at a central datacenter in Germany, ensuring the 24hr availability of your website, as well as its 24/7 technical support.

The hosting is provided through a personal computer (server) with IP acquired by BNSPRO. This means that only BNSPRO customers, certified and checked for their activities, are hosted in our server. 

Our technicians monitor website traffic and operation on a daily basis. Therefore, besides the technical control applied to the program and hardware that host the websites, our experts prevent malware attacks or whichever malfunction may emerge.